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14 Avr 2016 

Wii U - Best Buy

The Wii U is Nintendo's first HD gaming console, letting you experience Nintendo favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong in brilliant HD for the first time in history. An innovative controller offers a second screen for new types of gaming experiences, and the Miiverse is Nintendo's own social network where you can interact with other Wii U owners and post messages about your favorite games. The Wii U is backward compatible with most Wii games, and it works with a wide range of accessories, including the Wii U Pro controller, the Wii Remote Plus, The Wii Fit balance board and more.

Great Games for All Ages

Play a variety of beloved Wii U games. Join a roster of popular Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros., go head-to-head in high-octane cart racing in Mario Kart 8, create your own classic Mario levels in Super Mario Maker, and play as a witch who does battle with angels and demons in Bayonetta 2. The Wii U gaming console is the only place you can enjoy all these fan favorites and more.

A Controller Like None Other

The Wii U's GamePad controller features a touchscreen and a stylus to give you tablet-like functionality, a built-in camera, and gyroscopic motion control. It syncs with compatible TVs to work as a remote control, and it comes with a plug-in charger so you can charge and play at the same time.

A World of Online Features

The Nintendo Wii U is more than just a gaming console, letting you stream movies, TV shows and more from apps like YouTube and Netflix (some apps require a paid subscription). It also gives you access to the Miiverse, Nintendo's social network that allows you to share gameplay moments and comments, and connect with other Nintendo fans to chat about your favorite games. Download game demos from the Nintendo eShop, to try them out before you decide to purchase them.

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14 Avr 2016 

Audio.Ad, a Cisneros Interactive Company, Brings its Digital Audio Advertising Solutions to the U.S. Hispanic Market

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Audio.Ad, a leading provider of digital audio advertising solutions in Latin America, today announced its commercial expansion into the U.S. Hispanic market. Based in Miami, Florida, the Cisneros Interactive company will provide advertising campaigns in digital audio formats to advertisers and agencies for the U.S. Hispanic market with the potential of pan-regional reach.

Nestor Perinot, a veteran advertising executive with more than 12 years of experience in the digital industry, was appointed Vice President of Sales and will head Audio.Ads operations in the United States.

Its exciting to join Audio.Ad at this stage of growth and expansion. Launching operations in the U.S. Hispanic market is a key development in the companys strategic business plan to extend its reach and secure its status as a leading provider of digital audio advertising solutions in the Americas, stated Nestor Perinot. In the immediate future, we will be establishing a national sales force, with offices in key U.S. Hispanic markets, starting with Los Angeles and New York.

Before joining Audio.Ad, Mr. Perinot was Vice President of Sales during his 11-year tenure at Orange Advertising. Nestors career in advertising spans more than 20 years, and includes top sales positions at such major media companies as A&E Networks Latin America and The Weather Channel Latin America.

We are thrilled to launch operations in the U.S. Hispanic market, which we consider to be a key market for our company, taking into account its one of the worlds largest consumer of digital audio, said Gonzalo Alonso, Managing Director of Audio.Ad. And we are proud to count on Nestor to lead our expansion into this prime market; hes a professional with vast experience in media advertising and the digital industry.

Audio.Ad reaches more than 55 million unique users in the Americas, allowing digital audio content producers to monetize their advertising inventory through a variety of ad formats. Whats more, Audio.Ad offers publishers the necessary tools to generate advertising and develop a mobile app to expand and increase the distribution of its content, in addition to providing analytical reports on effective campaigns and data on its reach and audience.

ABOUT AUDIO.AD: Audio.Ad, part of Cisneros Interactive, is the first digital audio advertising company in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the US, which allows advertisers to impact with audio spots and other digital formats audiences that consume online radio and streaming audio services. Founded by German Herebia and Carlos Cordoba in December 2014, Audio.Ad has a reach of over 55 million unique users in the region. More information is available at:

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10 Avr 2016 

Monkeys move wheelchairs using just their thoughts

Monkeys equipped with wireless brain implants were able to control robotic wheelchairs using only their thoughts, according to a new study.

The brain waves of two rhesus macaques were used to direct motor commands on a motorized wheelchair. The monkeys were initially trained to navigate the wheelchair by simply watching it move, the researchers said. The new findings could one day improve the mobility of the most severely disabled people, such as those with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), who cannot even move a cheek or eye muscle, the scientists added.

"In some severely disabled people, even blinking is not possible," Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, co-director of the Duke Center for Neuroengineering, said in a statement. "For them, using a wheelchair or device controlled by noninvasive measures like an EEG [electroencephalogram] a device that monitors brain waves through electrodes on the scalp may not be sufficient. We show clearly that if you have intracranial implants, you get better control of a wheelchair than with noninvasive devices." [See video of a monkey moving a wheelchair with its brain]

Brain machine interface

The new experiment isn't the first time that scientists have created a so-called brain-machine interface. In a 2009 study, researchers showed that people with electrodes implanted in their brains could type with just their thoughts. In 2012, a quadriplegic used thoughts to move a robotic arm. And in 2013, Nicolelis and his colleagues showed that monkeys could move robotic arms with their minds.

To expand upon their earlier work, Nicolelis and his colleagues implanted hundreds of tiny electrodes into the premotor cortex, which helps plan movement, and the somatosensory cortex, which helps process the sense of touch, of two monkeys. They then trained the monkeys to use their brain waves to navigate the wheelchair toward a bowl of tasty grapes. Nicolelis and his colleagues then recorded their brain waves from 300 brain cells, or neurons, during this process. The scientists translated those brain waves into commands for a motorized wheelchair. [Image Gallery: The Incredible Bionic Man]

Over time, the monkeys got better at the task, navigating towards the bowl of grapes more quickly and with fewer wrong turns, the researchers reported online March 3 in the journal Scientific Reports.

The team found that the monkeys were not only producing brain signals associated with translation and rotation, but they were also evaluating the distance between the bowl of fruit and the chair.

"This was not a signal that was present in the beginning of the training, but something that emerged as an effect of the monkeys becoming proficient in this task," Nicolelis said in a statement. "This was a surprise. It demonstrates the brain's enormous flexibility to assimilate a device, in this case a wheelchair, and that device's spatial relationships to the surrounding world."

In follow-up work, Nicolelis and his colleagues want to expand their neuronal recording to a greater number of brain regions, in order to improve the brain-computer interface.

Copyright 2016 LiveScience, a Purch company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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09 Avr 2016 

Windows 10 – Apps & Games

1 App and content availability and experience may vary by market and device.

2 Windows Offer Details

Yes, free! This upgrade offer is for a full version of Windows 10, not a trial. 3GB download required; internet access fees may apply. To take advantage of this free offer, you must upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of availability. Once you upgrade, you have Windows 10 for free on that device.

Windows 10 Upgrade Offer is valid for qualified Windows 7 and game cheat Windows 8.1 devices, including devices you already own. Some hardware/software requirements apply and feature availability may vary by device and market. The availability of Windows 10 upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1 devices may vary by OEM, mobile operator or carrier. Features vary by device. Devices must be connected to the internet and have Windows Update enabled. Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update required. Some editions are excluded: Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, and Windows RT/RT 8.1. Active Software Assurance customers in volume licensing have the benefit to upgrade to Windows 10 enterprise offerings outside of this offer. To check for compatibility and other important installation information, visit your device manufacturers website and the Windows10 Specifications page. Windows 10 is automatically updated. Additional requirements may apply over time for updates. See the Windows10 Upgrade page for details.

3 Desktop license sold separately. Mobile version requires Office 365 subscription for some features.

4 May require a separate download.

5 Broadband internet required for some features (ISP fees apply). Xbox Live features only available with supported games in Xbox Live-supported countries, see Limited number of games available in 2015 that support cross-device play; additional games to follow. Stream to one device at a time; streaming with multiplayer from Xbox One requires home network connection and Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately); Gold also required for multiplayer play on Xbox One.

DirectX 12 only available with supported games and graphics chips. Game DVR only available with supported hardware. To check for compatibility and other important installation information, visit your device manufacturers website and the Windows10 Specifications page. Xbox One, PC/Tablet and Phone versions of games and Xbox controller all sold separately.

6 Features, app and content availability and experience varies by devices and markets.

7 Groove Music Pass is sold separately and available in select markets. Catalog size and availability varies by market.

8 App availability and experience may vary by market; some content sold separately.

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07 Avr 2016 

Silicon Labs Simplifies Bluetooth Audio Development with New iWRAP Software Release

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today introduced a sixth-generation version of the iWRAP Bluetooth software stack for the Bluetooth 3.0 wireless audio accessory market. iWRAP 6.1 software is a full-featured embedded Bluetooth stack from Bluegiga, a Silicon Labs company, designed to support the popular WT32i Bluetooth audio module. Target applications include smart phone accessories, stereo and hands-free audio, cable replacement and Bluetooth HID.

The iWRAP software stack exposes a powerful yet easy-to-use command interface enabling developers to manage Bluetooth operations. iWRAP software hides the complexity of the Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles for a wide range of applications, from simple audio and data applications to more complex use cases requiring interaction with several Bluetooth-enabled devices, or even for multi-profile environments with simultaneous audio and data connections.

iWRAP is supported by Silicon Labs easy-to-use BGScript scripting language. Embedded into each Bluetooth module from Bluegiga, BGScript eliminates the added cost and complexity of using an external host MCU and separate software development kit (SDK) required by conventional Bluetooth development alternatives.

iWRAP 6.1 software supports the following new features:

Audio tone support audio tones (files) can be stored on the Bluetooth modules flash memory, with playback support for stored files Audio tone mixing audio tones can be mixed with A2DP or HFP audio output Simultaneous AVRCP controller and target profiles improved user experience with the latest smart phones Enhanced user-configurable Bluetooth reconnection logic Software application programming interfaces (APIs) added for the I2C interface

No Bluetooth wireless development skills or tools are needed to use the iWRAP stack. The softwares simple ASCII-based command and response API over UART is easy to use and learn, simplifying and accelerating Bluetooth application development. iWRAP supports up to seven simultaneous connections with data throughput up to 500 kbps. The software is customizable and field-upgradable over UART.

iWRAP software supports 13 integrated profiles for data and audio applications including the Apple iAP1 and iAP2 profiles, supporting all Apple iOS devices on the market. iWRAP also adds the latest versions of Bluetooth audio profiles such as AVRCP v.1.5 with media browsing capabilities, a MAP profile for SMS notifications and message downloads, and new aptX and AAC audio codecs for an enhanced Bluetooth audio experience.

The growing popularity of wireless audio streaming from mobile handsets continues to drive strong demand for Bluetooth classic audio solutions, said Riku Mettl, general manager of wireless module products at Silicon Labs. As a leading supplier of Bluetooth 3.0 solutions for the wireless audio accessory market, we have continued to enhance our iWRAP stack, now in its sixth generation, to support the latest Bluetooth audio features while simplifying wireless development with easy-to-use tools like our BGScript language.

Pricing and Availability

The iWRAP software stack is available now to Bluegiga WT32i Bluetooth module customers at no charge at

Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a leading provider of silicon, software and system solutions for the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets. We solve the electronics industrys toughest problems, providing customers with significant advantages in performance, energy savings, connectivity and design simplicity. Backed by our world-class engineering teams with unsurpassed software and mixed-signal design expertise, Silicon Labs empowers developers with the tools and technologies they need to advance quickly and easily from initial idea to final product.

Cautionary Language

This press release may contain forward-looking statements based on Silicon Labs current expectations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. A number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. For a discussion of factors that could impact Silicon Labs financial results and cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements, please refer to Silicon Labs filings with the SEC. Silicon Labs disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Note to editors: Silicon Labs, Silicon Laboratories, the S symbol, the Silicon Laboratories logo and the Silicon Labs logo are trademarks of Silicon Laboratories Inc. All other product names noted herein may be trademarks of their respective holders.

Follow Silicon Labs at at on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Explore Silicon Labs diverse product portfolio at

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